I’ve been a large format photographer for a few years and although I’ve been dedicated to analog from the capture side, I’ve stayed firmly 100% digital from that point onwards – So much so that I ended up starting a drum scanning service (and a very good one if I might say so). However I’ve become more interested in the creation of ‘artefact’ after a book making workshop with John Blakemore and also a discussion with the late David Chow about his experiments in multi-coating platinum palladium which reminded me of one of Steichen’s images of a moonlit lake.

I decided to follow up this interest by looking at a few alternative printing processes and this blog will document my experiments and results along the way. Along the way I’ll discuss and link to various resources and hopefully get a few interviews with experts, suppliers and artists who are also using these hand made printing practices.

Just as a quick starter, here’s the source of my first failed print..  What went wrong here? Just a case of Hubris – I thought I could run before I could walk